actions: combat

Combat Actions are actions that are made when you are engaged in combat with a foe.

Once you are attacked or attack, you are engaged in Combat until Combat finishes. Combat is finished when all foes are Disabled.

Move, Change Weapon, or Reload WeaponAgi (1)activeYou move one range category towards a target (see range). Alternatively, you change one weapon for another, or you reload a current weapon (such as a bow or firearm). Any of these can be done before or after you Attack (see Turns, Rounds, and Encounters).
DisengageVit (1)activeIf you are engaged in combat with a foe or foes and wish to remove yourself from that fight, you can use a Disengage action to withdraw during your Move action. You can Disengage if all incoming attacks from that foe or foes missed in the previous turn, or if they did not attack. A Disengage allows you to move one range category away from a target foe or foes at the same time as moving towards your target.
AttackAgi (1)activeDeclare who or what you are attacking, with what weapon (if you have more than one weapon ready) and what you’re Aiming at (if desired). The attack is made by rolling your Attack (Agility) dice.
Sneak AttackAgi (1)passive; attack modifierA Sneak Attack occurs when you attempt to attack while Hidden (see Social Actions). A Sneak Attack occurs before the first full combat round; that is, the target of a Sneak Attack does not roll any Combat dice until after your attack resolves. You may only roll one Attack die on a Sneak Attack.
DodgeVit (1)passiveYou roll Dodge dice equal to your Active Vitality at the same time as your Attack dice. If you do not wish to make an Attack, you roll Dodge dice regardless, as long as you are engaged in combat. A Dodge roll of 10 may Dodge any attack, while a Dodge roll of 2 to 9 Dodges a single attack at the corresponding Aimline (see Aim).
AimPro (1)activeAfter you roll your dice, you may change your attack die value using your Prowess points. See Aim.
BlockRes (1)activeAfter the roll, you may use your Resolve points to convert Dodge dice into Blocks. To Block, take the Aimline of your Dodge die. You Block the first attack on that aimline in this round.
Contest ControlPro (1)passiveYou Contest Control when hitting on an unarmed attack at Contact Range (0). See Size and Control.
Use Formsee Formsee FormThe effect of a form takes precedence over all other effects.