actions: social


Actions are the basic building blocks of your interaction with the world. Actions use your attributes to determine whether you can succeed or fail at something, using the roll of a die or dice. If there’s no chance of failure, we don’t need to think about it as an action.

A world may have many different kinds of actions, but a few are listed here that may be used in most settings.


Actions can be described as “active” (you need to decide to do them) or “passive” (they happen even if you don’t decide). Actions can also be “attack modifiers” (they only occur when you make an attack).

Actions are divided into combat actions (things you do in combat), and social actions (things you do outside of combat). We’ll start with social actions.

Common Social Actions

Run, Jump, or ClimbPhysiqueActiveSome challenging types of movement may have a chance of failure and a corresponding difficulty. You can attempt to succeed at these by rolling Physique.
CarryPhysiquePassiveSee Health, Injury, Fatigue, and Death.
PerceiveInsightPassiveAt all times, you will sense various things about the world and creatures around you if your Insight is high enough. See “Persuade” and “Hide” below.
SearchInsightActiveYou can roll Insight to increase your chances of perception, find a missing item, or generally gather information. A Search check means you spend some time on this task.
PersuadePassionActiveYou try to bring someone else round to your point of view, negotiate a very good price, or sell a lie.
HidePassionActiveYou keep yourself or items you carry hidden from sight.
CraftGeniusActiveYou attempt to create or repair something.
Disarm or UnlockGeniusActiveYou attempt to disarm a trap, pick a lock, or perform some other action requiring fine handiwork.
AwarenessResolvePassiveAt all times, you will sense hidden units who are attacking you if your Resolve is high enough and if their Sneak Attack roll is low enough. On a successful Awareness check, you enter Combat.