aspect, items, and strain


Your aspect relates to the setting of your game. A DM may decide that your game doesn’t need aspect, or they may decide that your game needs many aspects.

Aspects add flavour to a world by categorizing forms, characters, and perhaps entire regions according to two or more aspects. For example, a game might have two aspects of “normal” and “magical”.


As mentioned in Attributes, combat items activate your combat attribute points, allowing them to be used by forms, increasing your damage, and increasing your ability to defend against damage.

Items also change your Aspect so that you can use forms without the risk of Strain.

Depending on your setting, your items may directly increase damage, change social attributes, or have specific situational uses.


Strain may occur:

  • When you make a combat action or a Physique check while you are heavily fatigued
  • When you use a form when heavily fatigued
  • When you use a form of an opposing Aspect to your current Aspect

Strain has different effects, depending on a form’s stability: