levels and tiers

Whenever a character gain an Event experience, and have some time to rest and think about it afterwards, the DM will usually give them the chance to Level Up. This means that the character can improve one of their attributes, normally by a factor of 1.

Depending on the type of the Event, the DM may offer a character the chance to improve a social attribute, a combat attribute, either, or both.

Motivations may also change after an Event – however, motivations never “improve”, and they don’t affect the measurable strength of a character. See Attributes for more information.


Tiers are a summary representation of a character’s overall strength.

They can be used by a DM to generate appropriate challenges. Social and Combat tiers are evaluated separately.

Tier (Social or Combat)Total Attribute Points in Category (Social or Combat)
Tier 04
Tier 15
Tier 28
Tier 311
Tier 414
Tier 5more than 14