motivation checks and attitude

A character’s motivation (see Attributes) is a key part of how they relate to other characters in the game.

An NPC will frequently try to gauge your motivations to decide how much they like you or trust you. You may also decide to try to gauge an NPC’s motivations to decide whether you should like or trust them.

Checking Motivations

Checking for someone else’s motivations is an Insight check, plus or minus the target motivation and your own corresponding motivation(s). (It is easier to detect and understand strong motivations, and motivations that you share). If your Insight level thus adjusted is equal to or greater than 6, you can detect the relevant motivation(s).


You wish to understand another characters’ motivations, an NPC. The target NPC has an Independence of 1. You have an Independence of 3, and your Insight is 2.

1 (target IND) + 3 (your IND) + 2 (Ins)= 6. You understand that the target NPC is very mildly motivated by Independence.

It is probable that you will understand some motivations of a character but not others, however, you can infer the fourth motivation if you can detect the other three, because motivations always add up to 0.

Using Motivations

Important NPCs have favoured motivations. Their favoured motivation may be a motivation they share, or one they like.

NPCs will often attempt to check your motivations, to see if your motivations match theirs or to try to guess how best to approach you.

Another way to gain or lose favour with NPCs is to make actions which they infer to be motivated by a motivation they like or dislike. For example, an NPC may favour Respect. If you express a high regard for your family, country, or some kind of tradition or community in your life, they will probably hold you in higher regard as a result. However, if they detect you are lying, they may dislike this a lot!

When you gain or lose favour with NPCs, their attitude can change.


Attitude is a crude measure of the regard an NPC has for you.

DevotedDevoted NPCs will do anything for you. Aaaaaanyyyythiiiing…Persuade checks automatically succeed
FriendlyNPCs with whom you are very familiar or whom you have impressed will generally be friendly. Persuade checks: Advantage x2
NeutralMost NPCs start here. They may distrust you somewhat, but hold no ill will.Persuade checks: no adjustment
UnfriendlyAn unfriendly NPC may come across as cold or mildly hostile. They may be persuadable, but it is unlikely. Persuade checks: Disadvantage x2
HostileA hostile NPC wants nothing to do with you. Some may flee or attack you on sight.Cannot make successful Persuade checks