aim ten once

Aim Ten Once [axon] is a renaissance fantasy setting designed with Ax games in mind.


There are two aspects in [axon], “Solar” and “Lunar”. These broadly map to what most players might expect from “natural” and “magical”, respectfully.

The World

[axon] can take place in a number of worlds, and is compatible with a wide range of other fantasy settings. We refer to “The World” as the planet or other closed ecosystem in which the game is played.

Bloodline Secrets

Bloodline Secrets give advantages and disadvantages to characters on the basis of their biological or cultural experience. These are similar to fantasy “races” in other games, but are somewhat more flexible.

Equipment in [axon]


Social equipment includes mundane items such as clothing and household goods, as well as trade equipment such as tools and money. They may be Solar or Lunar, but frequently neither.

Social equipment can be used as a weapon or instrument, but is likely to be ineffective without particular training or the use of forms.


Weapons are Solar equipment items which are designed to be used in combat. These include swords, bows, and axes, and in some circumstances can also include items such as shields, siege equipment, and magical instruments (see below).


Instruments are Lunar equipment items which are designed or used to channel magic. These include magic wands and holy relics, and also includes enchanted weapons and armour, and many objects which have been used by mythical creatures and magic users of great power.


Armour is designed to protect you in combat. This includes conventional armour, but also magical clothing and aura-giving items.