support aim ten

Here’s what we spend money on!

  • Roll 20 (ttrpg platform online): $99 / year funded!
  • Various pdfs on DriveThruRPG (mostly for research and getting ideas): about $50 / year funded!
  • Occasional token artwork, special effects, and other details: about $30 / year funded!

In total I spend less than $180 / £130 on various assets and documentation. A substantial savings is made on not giving any money to big evil companies like Hasbro, as I exclusively use personal assets and OGL assets for the game mechanics.

I do this for the love, so if you’d like to support further development, literally every penny will go towards more art and assets for games.

Some things I’d like to spend money on:

  • A Patreon subscription to Neutral Party (I use their maps regularly, and feel like I should give back a bit!) funded!
  • Contributions from regular players who are also professional artists
  • More art in general!

Update: a very nice person has paid for the Roll20 subscription in full, so we’re now in art budget territory! Will update further as needed.

Update 2: I’ve received enough to pay for a Neutral Party subscription in addition to the usual art budget! Thanks!

Update 3: I have about $30 in excess for player art / more art; usually small commissions start at about $20 while art packs on Roll20 Marketplace (for example) start at about $5. Anything people want to chip in to the commissions budget, feel free!





If you’d like to help out, you can donate in pounds or dollars here: