Aim Ten (Ax for short) is a role play system and combat simulator useable in fantasy, modern, and sci-fi settings.

Like many “homebrew” systems, Ax started out as a Dungeons and Dragons group which wanted to do something a bit different.

Our principles

  • We wanted a system that was complex but intuitive, allowing players to make important decisions quickly.
  • We wanted a system that could apply to many different settings and allow a high level of player creativity with minimal tweaking.
  • We wanted a system that could be used in competitive PvP environments.
  • We wanted a system that was realistic but fun, allowing for hard decisions and serious consequences, but also a sense of heroism and impact on an environment.
  • We also wanted to impress our friends with some really cool mechanics!

With these principles in mind, we’ve come up with some interesting solutions.

Key features

  • Dice-rolling mechanics which result in minimal RNG, allowing players to experience the thrill of chance without sacrificing reliability.
  • An ability system which doesn’t rely on “classes” or “experience points”, and is directly related to the environments and encounters of a player party without causing lots of work for a dungeon master.
  • A template for adding fantasy and sci-fi elements without relying on these as a key feature of game design.
  • In general, a blend of narrative, abstract, and mathematical mechanics that lend the game authenticity and consistency but also allow a high degree of freedom for both DMs and players.