Like almost any role-playing game, Ax begins with a character. The character is how you interact with the game invironment.

Your character uses two ten-sided dice (d10s); red and green. If you prefer, you can use two different patterns or sizes instead. It also helps if you have several of each colour or type.

Note: It is possible to use only one colour of dice, but differentiation really helps, as ideally you will be rolling dice simultaneously.

Ax also sorts things into four groups, which we like to call “elements”. Though this may have a mystical application in your fantasy or sci-fi setting, it’s mostly a simple way of sorting in-game actions into four different types.

Defence die: Green (Earth)

Your green dice are used for defending. The green die gives you Hit Points, a Dodge, and represents your overall physical health and fitness.

Attack die: Red (Fire)

Your red dice are used for attacking. The red die gives you an Attack, enables you to Move, and represents your speed and intensity.

In addition to the two dice, Ax uses two other point tokens to define your key characteristics.

Defence token: Blue (Water)

You have a defence token, which are used for Blocking and makes you more resistant to injury. It also represents your perception and patience.

Attack token: Yellow (Air)

You have an attack token, which is used to increase your Damage and adjust the Aim of your attacks. It also represents your cunning and expertise.

In most settings, you may need to represent Water and Air skills using your dice as well. If you’re playing a lengthy campaign, particularly one with a lot of social interaction, it would be good to have dice of all four colours. But two is a good start!