aim, attack, and size


When a memory says “Attack”, you roll an attack die when you use that memory.

Sometimes a memory, or a combination of memories, will allow you to roll multiple attack dice. If so, you can roll any number of attack dice, up to your Agility.


Aim determines which memory is replaced by fight or flight.

The roll of your attack die determines the aim; for example, a roll of 4 is referred to as Aim (4).

An attack roll of 1 normally misses. Conversely, a roll of 10 normally hits every attribute.

Often, a memory requires Aim at a certain roll to have an effect. For example, a memory may read “Aim (1)”, meaning you need an attack roll of 1 to use this memory.

Alternatively, memories will often require you to make an Aim roll which hits on an attribute – for example, Vitality. This is noted as Aim (VIT). This means that this memory needs a roll of 10, 9, or 8 when targeting a normal Human.

Normally, we only make aim rolls in combat encounters.

Prowess can be used to adjust your aim for the purpose of making a 10.

For example, if you roll an 8 on your attack die, and you have Prowess (2), you can change this to a 10.


Every unit in the game has a size.

The default size in an Aim Ten game is 10. This represents the “most typical character unit” in a game. For example, an adult human being might be described as size (10).

A size 1 unit represents the smallest unit practicably targetable with most things designed for size (10) units. For example, a bullseye on an target could be defined as size (1).


Aim determines which active memories fight or flight replaces, based on aim vectors equivalent to the target size.

A Size 10 unit will have 10 aim vectors. A Size 1 unit has 1.

Depending on the size and type of a creature, different attributes can be affected by different attacks on different aimlines. Typical humans, in most settings, will have aimlines as per the table below.

AimSize 12 (large)Size 10 (standard)Size 8 (small)Size 6 (child)
9Res / VitVitalitymissmiss
6AgilityResolveRes / Vitmiss
5AgilityAgilityResolveRes / Vit
4Pro / AgiAgilityPro / AgiRes / Vit
3ProwessProwessAgilityPro / Agi
2ProwessProwessProwessPro / Agi

📖 There’s usually no reason for aimlines to be secret. As a general rule, players should be informed as to what they are aiming for on their attack rolls.