A Form is a particularly powerful ability which is useable by a character in various situations. All Forms have both a social and a combat effect.

A Form has an Element type, an Aspect, and a Tier. The Element type indicates which Attribute(s) you need to learn a Form.

The Aspect of the Form determines whether you can use it safely, based on your current equipment. If you try to use a Form of a different or opposing Aspect, ill effects may occur. Your setting determines what the Aspects are, how many there are, and how they interact with one another. Some settings may not use Aspect at all.

Discovering a Form

Forms are discovered through Experiences. Experiences are notable occurrences in a player character’s life that trigger something in a player character. Experiences can take the form of Events, Places, Equipment, or interactions with experienced or powerful characters, known as Archons.

Normally, some combination of Experiences are required in order to learn a Form.

Unless otherwise stated, you can use any one “Active” form in each round, before rolling any dice. An active form cannot normally be used again until its effects are complete.

Using a Form

Passive forms grant their effects all the time as long as their prerequisites under “Requires” are met, and do not have to be declared.


In some settings, you can choose one Form to use without meeting the conditions in “Requires”. This is your Gift!

Your Gift is permanent unless your DM decides that you can change it, or until you Learn it.

Form Descriptions

DescriptionA short, flavour-text description of the form.
Element and TierThe form’s element(s). This gives you a clue as to how the form might be used and for whom it might be most useful. E.g., a Fire form might be most useful for a character with higher Agility or Passion, and is likely to improve your Agility, Passion, and actions which use these, such as Attacks.

The Tier of a Form lets us know how powerful the Form is compared to other Forms. Higher tier Forms may require lower tier Forms to be learnt. These can be found in Requires.

It also tells you how to discover and learn the form – just look for an Archon and Locus of the same Element and Aspect types.
AspectAspect is an optional rule template. The nature of Aspect may vary depending on the game setting.
TypeArchon, Place, Equipment, or Secret 
RequiresThis lists prerequisite Attributes, Tier levels, Items, other Forms, or other materials and circumstances needed to use the form.

You can ignore these requirements if you are using your form as a Gift.
ModeActive or Passive.

Active attack modifiers modify an attack of your choice in the same round they are declared. Passive attack modifiers modify all attacks.
Target and RangeIf applicable, specifies what the form is targeted at, and the distance at which the form can be used.
DurationSome forms have a period of time over which they take effect, and/or a period of time before they can be used again. If so, these are listed here. 
Combat EffectThe effect this form has in combat encounters. This may be simply changing the number on a die, or it may make sweeping changes to the field of battle. Read carefully!
Social EffectThe effect this form has in social encounters. Again, this may simply change the number on a die, or it may make more radical differences to the world around you.
ExampleWith some forms, some examples will be listed here to show how they work.
MathWith some forms, there are some pointers here as to how the form’s effects work in numerical or probabilistic terms.