Dev Update: 2021-02-24

Edits: [ax]

I’m rolling out a few edits this week in response to an excellent “Coding Medieval Worlds” workshop organized by, during which we discussed some ways on how to make social interactions more meaningful and fun for players.

  • Updated Motivations to scale from -9 to +9 (up from -5 to +5). This is designed to make Motivations more unique among NPCs and make them more easily detectable by players and NPCs alike. This is likely to be tweaked again in the near future.

Other proposed edits:

  • NPCs will have a dynamic “attraction” matrix which incorporates Social and Combat attributes as well as Motivations.
  • Character qualities will be displayed in relative terms to other characters.

Hopefully I’ll have time to document these here; if not they’ll be rolled out on Roll20 regardless.

Edits: [ax] on Roll20

  • Increased Motivations and Social Attributes for some characters to make them more balanced.
  • A macro button has been added for Forms with a drop down list of your Active forms (up to four). Please not that this does NOT autoroll any dice rolls in Forms at present (this will get really complicated really quickly if I try to implement it now, lol). It just prints the name of the form into the chat.
  • A macro button has been added for Social Actions which autorolls key actions.
  • Corrected a character sheet bug that incorrectly linked a character’s Social Tier to their size attribute.

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