Dev Update: 2021-02-02

Edits: [ax]

  • Simplified and reworked the Health system. Health no longer is distributed among aimlines, but is in a common pool and determined solely by Vitality. This is theoretically balanced by Dodges being much less reliable than ever – as per the previous update, Dodging an attack is now a crapshoot unless a creature has about 3 Vitality or higher. A small base health pool has also been added for creatures. The overall effect is that Health has remained broadly stable for most characters, and for low level characters is has gone up. I’ll be monitoring this closely to see if item damage needs to be raised also, but the Dodge rework in the previous update will probably be sufficient. Combat will just be a bit messier (messy is fun, right?).
  • Various small tweaks were made to terminology. Most notably, the terminology regarding Experiences and Forms in was simplified to reflect what is going on in Roll20 games as of this writing, and the relevant documents have been resorted and retitled to make them more intuitive and avoid repetition. The bulk of these changes can be found in Experiences and Tiers and Forms
  • Math for some Actions was tweaked slightly to give them more even scaling between lower and higher Tier interactions (⚖️)

Edits: [ax] on Roll20

  • Added a custom token set
  • Added a new dice roller
  • Updated Health on the Character Sheet to match new health calculation

Edits: [axon]

  • The Stoneshape Form is now Bloomshape and Rainshape has inherited some Stoneshape stuff. Rocks are made actually from Water, did you know that?


* this one has some new mechanics and will probably be tweaked a lot in the coming weeks / months (🔧)

By TeasupporT

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